Entelios’ technology for the intelligent management of decentralized energy resources is made up of two perfect and complementary components: the Entelios Software Suite™ and the Entelios E-Box™.

The Entelios Software Suite™ for the utilization of flexibility provided from decentralized generation and loads is based on software for a central network operations center which monitors and controls special modules for system control (the Entelios E-Box™). The Entelios E-Box™ is part and parcel of the technology: together, the central Entelios Software Suite™ and the remote Entelios E-Box™ form a logical symbiosis.

The Entelios Software Suite™ has been developed over a period of over three years for the scalable management of complex generation and production assets. Its features include a rule-based data procession in real-time, intelligent management of multiple Demand Response Pools as well as the capability for short-term forecasting and modeling.

Today, a multitude of loads and decentralized generation assets within the realms of industry, commerce as well as renewable electricity generation are reliably switched and their flexibility is profitably marketed.


Entelios technology for decentralized energy sources

For utilities, distribution system operators, industrial enterprises and generators of renewable energy, this enables a new and integrated way to intelligently manage decentralized energy resources:


All types and sizes of electrical assets: generation, storage and loads ranging from 500 kW up to several hundreds of MW, universal hardware interface for system control (E-Box™), compliance with regulatory Frameworks, standardized market processes, interoperability standards (i.e. OASIS,
 OpenADR) and protocols (i.e. IEC, Bus Systems).


High performance rule-based data processing, e.g. for participation in the secondary control reserve market.


High scalability featuring multi-pool-management, modular software, ease of portability and localization in different countries with multi-language support, customization and compliance with different regulatory frameworks, deployment flexibility hosted by Entelios, cloud-based or local, within your utility or distribution system operator.


High availability and reliability due to standardized telecommunications software, comprehensive monitoring of all system components, utilization of complex security mechanisms for information security incl. secured internet protocols, proven built-in robustness, stress-tested and certified by the FfE (Research Center for Energy Economics, Munich, Germany).