The Entelios Software Suite™ offers comprehensive functionality for the management of decentralized energy resources: easy to use and web-based graphical user interfaces for utilities and DSOs, and an IT-architecture based on state-of-the-art, highly scalable and high-performance information and communication technology.


Entelios Software Suite™


Comprehensive features for analyzing and simulating of flexibility potentials of various types of assets, including revenue and profit potential based on different commercialization options, e.g. balancing market (ancillary services), exchange trading, or emergency capacity from balancing group optimization.


Comfortable support of participant onboarding and integration into flexibility pools. The interplay between the Entelios Software Suite™ and the Entelios E-Box™ further facilitates commissioning.


Support functions for the preparation and successful technical pre-qualification with the TSO for commercialization at balancing markets.


Forecasting and baselining methods for tertiary as well as secondary reserve. Ongoing monitoring of all essential asset-related KPIs. Reading cycles down to 5 seconds possible; fully-automated pooling of the flexibility assets. Dispatching of load shifting requests taking into account both technical and economic aspects. The rule-based system incorporates the requirements and preferences of the participants in the system, so they remain in full control at all times.


Efficient marketing and trading platform for administration and marketing of aggregated flexibility into the energy and balancing markets, or for the optimization of own balancing group. Simple integration into utilities’ trading systems using standardized interfaces. Information assessment and support in decision-making processes.


Fully-automated dispatch with complex optimization and pooling. Secure, bi-directional communication with participants via the E-Box™ using all major industry PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Energy Data Management systems or building automation.


Administration and archiving of dispatch processes, billing and settlement. Comprehensive reporting including documentation from cumulative signals down to individual dispatch/shifting signals. Schedule management and clearing of balancing group with all market players. Billing and settlement with participants in pools and sub-pools – e.g. for each individual control area.