Entelios offers comprehensive solutions for the management and commercialization of decentralized energy resources. Integrated hardware and software systems are complemented by a selection of services that can be bundled individually and tailored according to your needs.

Demand Response and Virtual Power Systems

Two Entelios solutions, Demand-Response-as-a-Service™ and Virtual-Power-System-as-a-Service™, enable the utilization of flexibility of electricity consumption and generation. The utilization of this flexibility is necessary to balance the increasing share of intermittent renewable energy sources in energy systems.


Entelios technology and services

Four main criteria

Entelios particularly addresses the needs of unbundled utilities in the liberalized European energy markets, providing solutions for smart grids as well as smart markets.

The multitude of roles in the energy markets and competition between energy suppliers requires compliance with different regulatory frameworks and the realization of Demand Response with custom-tailored business models.


Four main criteria for Entelios