Your path to successful commercialization with Demand Response

We support you throughout the entire process, beginning with the analysis of the potential of your electrical systems, the preparation of the technical (ICT) connection to our central command and control system (Entelios Network Operations Center NOC), through to the completion of the pre-qualification process. Machines and plants are then placed in a trading strategy, coordinated with you, for the appropriate energy markets.


1. Analysis of the potential flexibility of your electrical systems:

  • Development of control parameters for selected electrical equipment and processes (e. g. availability, max. switching event duration, min. pause between events)
  • Indication of the financial potential for the customer through commercialization of flexible assets


2. Connection, measurement and pre-qualification:

  • Installation, adjustment and commissioning of the necessary infrastructure (including information technology)
  • Support for the adaptation of plant process control systems for the selected facilities
  • Measurement (monitoring) of the jointly defined physical parameters
  • Validation of the system parameters through simulations and tests
  • Specific indication of the potential compensation based on aforementioned validation


3. Commercial Operations:

  • Marketing for the agreed period of time with regular remuneration
  • Expansion to other equiptment and plant systems as desired