Your flexibility is a valuable asset

Entelios provides the technical solution that allows energy-intensive companies to participate in energy markets via Demand Response. These companies have a potential which is becoming more and more important in 2 ways:

  • Their electrical flexibility assets (consumption, generation or storage) can offer an added-value to stabilize our energy system in a very active way
  • they can generate additional revenue

Entelios is one of Europe’s leading providers of solutions to realize these potentials. We offer the technology and the services to steer and bring to market the flexibility of your electrical installations, thereby helping you to generate additional revenue.

With our expertise and experience, we analyse your flexibility potential within the different processes and transform it into real revenue for you. Our focus is not only on the production process, but also on the accompanying processes and the procedures relating to preproduction or postproduction.


Flexibility in production processes

Industry Verticals

Each vertical of energy-intensive industries has individual and specific processes and demands regarding a flexible use of energy. Entelios offers broad experience with the different verticals, which is the basis of discovering and capitalizing on the potential of each company.

We would be more than happy to discuss this with you in more detail.


Industrial Demand Response

We identify existing potential in electrical drives, fans, pumps, compressors and so on, in generation facilities such as combined heat and power, back-up generators, regenerative turbines or storage batteries, as well as in ovens or smelters operating with electrical power or using electrolysis or electrode reduction.

In close cooperation with your company, we look forward to implementing the optimal strategy to create the highest added value in different markets, such as tertiary or secondary reserve.