Entelios offers comprehensive and modular services for energy companies to successfully set-up and operate their own Demand Response product. These services include the operational experience stemming from more than three years in running Demand Response and Virtual Power Systems.


Three phases to flexible grid operations

1. Consulting and enabling:

  • Consulting to define the most suitable Demand Response business model, product and operating model
  • Selective support and training of the grid operator organization: acquisition of customers to participate in Demand Response, technical workshops with participants to analyze the individual Demand Response potential, support in drawing up proposals
  • Integration of Demand Response processes into the grid operator’s existing business process landscape (via standardized interfaces)
  • Depending on the type of operating model, also training of grid operator operations personnel in using Entelios Software Suite™.


2. Set-up and onboarding:

  • Onboarding of the participants to the Entelios Network Operations Center (NOC) via a pre-configured E-Box™ on the participant’s premises (including logistics, installation, testing of the E-Box™)
  • Technical tests (live switching events) to check connection and understand responsiveness of individual flexibility assets (gradients, continuity, etc.), validation of identified Demand Response potential
  • Pre-qualification according to the requirements of the TSOs
  • Set-up of required Demand Response infrastructure (according to selected operating model)


3. Operations and scaling:

  • Aggregation and intelligent management of the grid operator’s flexibility pool
  • Execution of switching events (NOC operations)
  • Information for reporting, energy logistics, billing / reimbursement
  • Continuous check for opportunities to include additional flexibility assets