Demand Response for grid operators

As a leading solution provider, Entelios offers grid operators technology and services for the intelligent management and trading of flexibility of decentralized energy resources (interruptible electrical loads, generation, storage) in your grid area.

The Entelios solutions Demand-Response-as-a-Service™ and Virtual-Power-System-as-a-Service™ support you as a grid operator in the integration of fluctuating and often locally concentrated wind and photovoltaic energy sources. Demand response represents a low cost alternative to grid expansion measures while supporting the security of supply in your distribution area. Demand Response solutions from Entelios can thus be an essential contribution to efficient network operations and can provide you with a decisive advantage over other grid operators.

One universal interface to energy resources: Entelios E-Box™

In order to guarantee grid stability and security of supply at low costs, grid operators must be able to control fluctuating energy sources by balancing them with flexible energy assets, e.g. interruptible loads. In addition, switchable biogas and other renewable and conventional power generation units can provide a significant benefit.

Flexibility in decentralized energy resources is unlocked by several different players in the energy system: on the market side the energy retailer, the entity responsible for balancing, traders and EEG direct marketers, and on the grid side distribution system operators and transmission system operators.

In order to fulfill the multitude of requirements of data transmission and signaling, with clear prioritization and auditable protocols, only one interface/gateway needs to be installed between energy resource, grid, and market: the Entelios E-Box™.

Future-proof platform

The Entelios Software Suite™ is flexible, scalable, modular and adaptable to new and upcoming technical and regulatory standards and processes. Both at European and national levels, we expect significant new legislation in the coming five years, including new standards, new market roles and new market processes.