What is new about “Demand Response”?

Demand Response has been a well-known term in the USA for about 8 years already. Demand Response was originally conceived of as measure to prevent blackouts by the targeted switching-off of electrical loads at participating sites. Entelios took Demand Response a step further, and today we talk about Demand Response 2.0. This provides for the intelligent use of electrical loads and decentralized generators which can be marketed in aggregated form as products on the energy market.

How does it differ from “load shedding”?

Some major energy users, mainly cement mills or large cold storage Depots, have contracts as “load shedding customers” within the context of load control. They receive cheaper electricity, and for this they have to switch off manually and within defined periods of time, typically within seconds, at the request of the energy company. Today this product is hardly in use anymore. It is unpredictable and cannot be intelligently integrated into production sequences in a controlled way.

Does an energy user have the option of preventing a shutdown?

Energy users are always in charge of what happens in their own production operation. Entelios simply calls up status conditions and only switches off with the approval of the corresponding participants.

How does Entelios make money?

Because of its intelligent bundling of many energy users, Entelios has the opportunity to offer the energy supply companies and network operators power products which are distinct in terms of duration, size of output, lead time and frequency. This access is not generally given to an individual energy user, because alone he cannot fulfill the various pre-conditions.

How does Entelios help the energy supply system?

Our energy supply system has to be balanced at all times. Currently, energy generation guarantees that energy consumption can be met at all times. Any change on the generation or consumption side leads to the need for so-called reserve power in order to restore this balance again. In doing this, Entelios also succeeds in creating an active role for the demand side, which we call participants. Through Entelios many participants can contribute to stabilizing the energy supply system by aggregation, as the system enables many electrical loads to be switched on or off.

How can CO2 emissions be reduced with Demand Response?

Insufficient capacity on the generation side is currently balanced out in our energy supply system by fossil fuel-fired power plants, as these can be connected with short-term response. Demand Response reduces the use of these power plants, which means that CO2 emissions are also reduced.

As a commercial or industrial energy user, can I participate in Demand Response?

Commercial and industrial energy users can participate in our Demand Response Program. At the moment we are only approaching energy users who can make available electrical loads or generators with an output of more than 1 MW.

What do I have to do to participate?

Give us a call: +49 89 552 9968-0. You can find direct access to us under Contact. We would be happy to discuss your options.

What pre-conditions do I have to fulfil?

Apart from a minimum switchable electrical loads or generation output of 1 MW, you initially do not have to fulfill any additional conditions. We will then contact you directly and clarify your potential in individual discussions.

From what point on is it worthwhile to participate?

Starting with switchable electrical loads or generation output of 1 MW it is worth your while to participate in our program.

What do I have to gain through Demand Response?

Your benefits differ very greatly, depending on various parameters. Duration, frequency, availability and the amount of usage or output made available are only some of the relevant factors here. Please contact us, and we will be pleased to calculate your potential on an individual basis.

Will I jeopardize my production process by participating?

No. Entelios calls up status information from the electrical loads which you suggest and only switches if you yourself approve this.

Are there really no costs associated with participation?

You will not incur any costs. After we have jointly defined the relevant electrical loads and/or generators, you can look forward to repeated bonuses during the duration of the contract.

What will have to be installed in my company?

We will install our Entelios Box on your premises. You will not incur any further costs for this. One of our certified electrical installation partners will carry out this installation with your engineers on site.

Will I have to change my electricity supplier?

You will not have to change your electricity supplier. Entelios makes it possible for you earn additional income, which has nothing to do with your electricity tariff or supplier.

For how long will I have to commit to participation?

Our participants generally want long-term contracts in order to generate repeated or increasing bonuses after a one-off installation. However, we are happy to meet your individual requirements as far as the period of the contract is concerned.

How long are the switch-off times?

You define the switch-off times yourself  according to what is possible for you. For this reason we cannot put a general figure on it here.

Can I also market generators such as emergency generating sets or combined heat and power plants?

We also market decentralized generators such as emergency generating sets or combined heat and power plants. These could earn significant bonuses for you.

What happens if I cannot follow up a switching request?

If a request cannot be implemented, we will be notified accordingly and we will call another participant in our Demand Response Program.

How does Demand Response help with blackouts and brownouts?

When the electricity grid is overloaded, there can be power failures. If power fails completely, it is referred to as blackout. If voltage only drops partially, as in a brownout, this can often be more dangerous for connected equipment. In such a case, Demand Response quickly takes electrical loads off the grid and helps to stabilize the voltage again.