It is Entelios’ long-range aim to be the leading and most innovative supplier of clean and intelligent energy solutions in Europe – a complete service provider of modern energy solutions specializing in serving industrial and commercial energy users.


Seven company values are at the heart of Entelios

Regardless of their position, each and every employee and executive lives the company values of Entelios and is fully committed to implementing them every day. All our values are built on positive, dynamic and efficient attitudes that help us to constantly expand our expertise and skills.

Our Company Values

Strong Relationships – In order to provide our clients with impactful results, we build on the performance of our teams and on strong relationships between our employees and our clients.

Sustainability – We protect the environment as well as social and economic resources for the benefit of future generations.

Urgency – Our actions are results-driven, immediate and deliberate.

Synergies – We are dedicated to mutual and profitable long-term relationships and we maintain longstanding win-win partnerships with our stakeholders.

Growth – We support growth for the individual, the company as well as for ecological and social causes.

Integrity – We are authentic: What we think, what we say and what we do – all fits together.

Passion – We are driven by deep passion, curiosity, thirst for knowledge and a highly service-oriented attitude. We are absolutely committed to making a difference.

Our Mission

The company values of Entelios define our daily Business as well as our objectives to support people, companies and organizations in their active roles in efficiently harnessing energy, thus enabling a sustainable future for everyone.

Demand Response Means Sustainability

Because we believe in a bright environmental outlook for future generations, one of our most important values is the protection of our environment. This is the basis of our activities and the foundation upon which Entelios is built. We explore energy in a sustainable way in the interest of ensuring a more energy-efficient future.

New concepts must be developed to meet the future challenges of the energy market with environmental awareness. The Smart Grid will take on important tasks in this context. On the one hand renewable and conventional generation of energy can be merged together and a decentralized supply can be organized. On the other hand the Smart Grid can help control and optimize demand while taking into account optimized energy production or procurement.

In this context, we see Demand Response as the ‘Killer application of the Smart Grid’. With Demand Response Entelios introduces an approach not only to consolidate and optimize energy supply and demand, but also to turn the consumer into an ‘active Player in environmental protection’. Investments in peak load power plants can be reduced, renewable energy sources successfully integrated, and their share in the overall energy mix even increased. Future concepts like electro-mobility and plug-in-vehicles will be actively embedded as well.