Entelios is one of Europe’s leading energy management solution providers for decentralized energy resources in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors. Entelios’ customers are European energy companies (including energy producers, traders, suppliers, transmission system operators, distribution system operators, and energy service companies) in need of innovative, value-adding energy services for their B2B customers, or interested in enhancing grid and supply stability through Demand Response.

Demand Response (DR) is a process used to manage customer consumption (demand) or decentralized generation of electricity in response to dynamic supply conditions in real-time. DR combines decentralized energy resources (electrical loads, storage and generation units) in a Virtual Power System. In the near future, intelligent management on the demand side will become increasingly important for energy companies. By integrating their individual consumption and generation flexibility in a DR program, energy customers can receive attractive financial benefits while at the same time contributing to the stability of the energy system as a whole. DR benefits energy companies through the commercial use of aggregated flexibility, thereby achieving higher customer proximity and cost-effective flexible capacity for generation portfolios and grid operations.

Consumption follows generation, demand follows supply

As a partner, Entelios enables energy companies to set up their own Demand Response programs with their commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Based on its leading solution suite and operational capabilities, Entelios offers automated industrial Demand-Response-as-a-Service™ (DRaaS™). The Entelios solution suite supports major open smart grid interoperability standards (i.e. data formats, protocols, access points) via the E-Box™ as a universal interface to all types of flexibility assets. The solution offers fully-automated pooling up to secondary control reserve requirements, short- and medium term forecasting, and even complex optimization, monitoring & control.

As one of the first DR aggregators and white-label DR solution providers in Europe, Entelios has been building operational expertise in DR since 2010. Entelios is a founding member of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC), a member of the European Commission’s Smart Grid Task Force, and a member of the IT-Summit of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.