Simultaneous intelligent management of decentralized energy resources and innovative services

Demand Response on the basis of Entelios’ innovative solutions offers a new and comprehensive perspective on the flexibility of your B2B customers: decentralized generation and loads, all types of commercial usage of the aggregated flexibility, better insight into the consumption or generation of individual technical assets (“the view behind the meter”) and the ability to customize according to the individual needs.

In short: the ideal prerequisites and opportunities for an inspiring dialog with your customers’ operationally responsible staff. In addition, Entelios’ solutions offer the capability for a fast implementation of attractive, innovative energy services on the same technology platform (cross- and upsell).

Direct use of aggregated flexibility (“MW under Management”)

Demand Response can Support you in optimizing your own balancing group and portfolio by intelligently applying the aggregated flexibility of your customers and thus avoiding unscheduled balancing energy.

The aggregated flexibility can alternatively be used as system service (tertiary or secondary reserve) or for further system services (Re-dispatch), on the Intraday-market or for current and future capacity or flexibility market mechanisms.

Reduced investments and costs

Demand Response is ideally suited to delivering short-term peaks (both as additional consumption or generation). Applied intelligently, this capability can reduce the required on-going provisioning costs of conventional peak generation or investment costs in such assets. Demand Response can also support a more constant and therefore more efficient operation.

Taking advantage of Entelios’ operational capabilities in a full Demand-Response-as-a-Service™ or Virtual-Power-System-as-a-Service™ additionally helps to reduce the costs while building up an own Demand Response pool.


Demand Response is the more comprehensive view on flexibility