The increase volumes of renewable energy sources and an increasingly decentralized energy supply have created a variety of opportunities and challenges. Integration of the demand side (“Prosumer”) will become increasingly important for the energy companies of the future. A reliable and economic power supply that maximizes the use of renewables and supports CO2-reduction targets can only be achieved with Demand Response.


Demand Response is a process to manage customer consumption (demand) or generation of electricity in real-time in response to dynamic signals from the situation in the grid or from market prices. Demand Response combines decentralized energy resources (electrical loads, storage and generation units) intelligently in a Virtual Power System. By integrating their individual consumption and generation flexibility in a Demand Response program, energy customers can receive attractive financial benefits while enhancing the stability of the energy system.

Utilities benefit in multiple ways from Demand Response

Demand Response benefits energy companies (unbundled utilities with retail operations and Energy Service Companies) through the commercial use of aggregated flexibility; this leads to the attainment of higher customer proximity and greater cost-effective flexible capacity for optimization of companies’ own balancing groups and portfolios.

As a partner, Entelios enables energy companies to intelligently manage the decentralized energy resources (electrical loads, storage and generation units) of their commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Entelios supports energy companies in designing and implementing their own Demand Response programs or Virtual Power Systems according to individual needs.

Entelios employs its proven software suite, comprehensive support service as well as its operational capabilities to supply automated industrial Demand-Response-as-a-Service (DRaaS™) and Virtual-Power-System-as-a-Service™ as white-label-solutions. Entelios supports the key account manager to position Demand Response with their customers and to interface with existing business processes and IT systems. Entelios performs the onboarding of a participant to the central Network Operations Centre, validates and qualifies the flexibility potential, performs the switching events and takes over relevant reporting. Based on this modular service concept, the utility can decide with a high degree of flexibility to retain part of the required processes in-house or to let them be securely managed by Entelios.


One technology platform for automated industrial Demand Response and Virtual Power Systems