Flexibility is the key to the new energy system

The energy system is changing radically: from central to decentralized assets, from conventional to renewable energy sources, and from rigid, base load capable power plants to fluctuating generation.

As the volatility of prices and liquidity in power markets increases, so too do local grid congestion and the so-called ‘residual load curves’.

The solution is smart grids and smart markets. Both concepts rely on the utilization of flexibility: flexible generation, flexible loads and storage.


Flexibility: The key to the new energy system

Demand Response and Virtual Power Systems are technological solutions that utilize the inherent flexibility of decentralized energy resources. Entelios is a leading European solution provider for the management and trading of such flexibility in industrial plants and renewable energy generation systems.

Today, it is no longer advantageous to operate electrical generators as long and as rigidly as possible. The so-called “base load capability” has lost its merit. Instead, power plants must be able to ramp up and ramp down to compensate for fluctuations in “green electricity generation” as quickly as possible, while at the same time remaining economical.

The same is true for electrical loads: If they can change their power consumption on demand without delay, in other words if they postpone peak power consumption, this can be of great value in the power market and to grid operations.


Flexibility in power consumption

The diagram shows an actual reaction of an Entelios load pool to the curtailment request of a transmission system operator. This “dent” can be traded as positive reserve energy.