Demand Response stabilizes the power grid through intelligent management of loads and decentralized generation.


Benefits for industrial, commercial and municipal power customers

  • Trading of flexibility in production processes and in the electrical assets in the power markets and with grid operations
  • Supporting a sustainable energy system
  • Motivating staff, improving company reputation with customers and building your brand


Benefits for operators of renewable energy facilities

  • With increasing shares of renewable energy in the energy mix, the intelligent and flexible management of biogas, wind and photovoltaic facilities are becoming financially incentivized.
  • Participation in the EEG market bonus scheme allows trading in the balancing energy markets at the same time.
  • Supporting a sustainable energy system.


Benefits for energy retailers, utilities, and service providers

  • Energy retailers, utilities, EEG direct marketers and “green power retailers” optimize their balancing groups, reduce balance power costs, or participate in the reserve power markets.
  • Supporting a sustainable energy System.
  • Motivating staff, improving company reputation with customers and building your brand.


Benefits for grid operators

  • Improved integration of renewable energy into the grid
  • Further resource for network stability
  • More competition in the reserve energy market
  • High acceptance of DR in society


Benefits for the national economy

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions, as fewer peak load power stations are required
  • Reduced costs in the area of grid expansion and building further generation capacity
  • Creation of a fully automated control circuit and therefore improved balancing of the non-continuous feed-in of renewable energy without having to use peak load power stations fired by fossil fuels
  • Faster, more cost-effective and greener than other infrastructure measures for the energy revolution